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Casa Mispah has its beginnings in 2005 when due to the demand for cutting edge treatments, it was founded by Pepe Suarez based on a model of residential treatment for 120 days with a multidisciplinary team to provide supervised continuous lifelong treatment by innovating the existing models operating in the country.

We are an institution dedicated to the treatment of addictions safeguarding the basic principles of respect and dignity of the patients.

In September of 2011 Casa Mispah in Chile opened its doors as the first model with these characteristics in South America with clear key differences to the existing treatments such as the bio/psycho/social and spiritual approach with the objective of providing a different, first level alternative to the ones in existence in the country.

Since 2011 we have opened a connecting office for Latin Americans in the United States that is located in in Tucson, Arizona. This office will receive and refer patients to the locations in Mexico and Chile and in the near future, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, and Spain.


Mazatlán, México

Paseo Vista Hermosa # 47, Balcones de Loma Linda CP 82000

Teléfono: 55 6629 4663

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