Has developed a Treatment Program for Addictions with the highest standards of quality to help patients and their families to successfully face alcoholism and/or drug addictions.

Addictions can cause people great suffering. They can feel trapped by their inability to stop consuming and by the consequences they are reaping. In order to escape what is such a harmful cycle to the patients and their families, professional help in a controlled environment is needed so that the illness can be treated with proven and effective mechanisms for monitoring within the scope of the addictions.

At Casa Mispah we know that an addict that is sick can be rescued with love, respect, and professional, highly specialized, multidisciplinary treatment.



We are a clinic specializing in the treatment of addictions. We offer a favorable environment for self-discovery and a structure that permits the patient to develop new abilities for life, healthy habits, responsibility, and self-discipline. Likewise, we have the best and most qualified medical and therapist support staff that facilitates full recovery and personal growth. We create surroundings that promote warm and trusting human relationships.

Mazatlán, México

Paseo Vista Hermosa # 47, Balcones de Loma Linda CP 82000

Mazatlán Sinaloa, México

Teléfono: (52) 55-6629-4663


María Isabel Díaz Rubio.​ Coordinación de admisiones.

Santiago de Chile

Teléfono: 00 56 9 64429042

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