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Paseo Claussen # 129 , Colonia Los Pinos CP 82000

Mazatlán Sinaloa, México

Teléfono: 669 151 3182

Mazatlán, México


María Isabel Díaz Rubio.​ Coordinación de admisiones.

Santiago de Chile

Teléfono: 00 56 9 64429042

Interventions are done with the purpose of making the person aware of an addiction which they are resisting to accept help for.

This process brings together the people with whom the patient has the most meaningful and closest relationships with and, with the help of our trained therapist and in an affectionate and respectful way, they make him/her see how the addiction has been harmful both to themselves and their loved ones. In the majority of the cases, the candidate for treatment can recognize, after the intervention, that they need help and agree to go to rehabilitation.