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Paseo Claussen # 129 , Colonia Los Pinos CP 82000

Mazatlán Sinaloa, México

Teléfono: 669 151 3182

Mazatlán, México


María Isabel Díaz Rubio.​ Coordinación de admisiones.

Santiago de Chile

Teléfono: 00 56 9 64429042

Our multidisciplinary team is made up professional staff certified in the treatment of addictions and therefore is amply qualified to work with patients and their families, including the treatment of emotional disorders that invariably go along with this illness.

Has over 20 years of experience treating addictions. He is an expert interventionist and specialist in technology transference for treatment centers.

His experience extends to Mexico, the United States, and South America.

Lic.Ma. Guadalupe 

Magaña Sánchez

Clinical Supervisor

Lic. Alejandra López Quintero

Psychologist and Post-Tx Therapist

Lic. Cynthia Guzmán


Clinical Therapist

Lic.  José Luis

Velarde Urquijo

Counselor in Addictions 

Lic.  Marcia E. Magaña Sánchez

Family and spiritual therapist

Pedro Vargas  Hernández

Therapeutic Auxiliary

Lic. Jorge Alberto Luna

12 steps program Coordinator

Lic. Rafael Camacho


Lic. Anabel Arambulo

Yoga instructor

Therapeutic assistant and coach

Physical conditioning

Dr. Jesus Alvarado

General doctor

Thelma Adilene Rubio 


Lorena Najera

Administrative assistant

María del Socorro García 


Hugo Alberto Dávalos

Mantenance staff

José Feliciano Martínez Rodríguez


Daniel Pascual Gutiérrez


Gabriel López

Mantenance staff