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If you’ve in a hole, the first thing you should do is stop digging.

Casa Mispah’s Treatment for the Family has as its objectives that each participant understand addiction as an illness, identifies how they have been affected by it, and obtains the tools necessary to start their own process of recovery and personal care. Codependency is a problem that affects that families of our patients.

Codependency is defined as a cycle of patterns of dysfunctional conduct and thought that produce pain and that are repeated in a compulsive manner as a response to an addictive relationship. An addictive relationship is one in which the individual gives their personal power to someone else, allowing the behavior of the other person to affect their own life to such a degree that it becomes increasingly chaotic.

The treatment for the family starts at the same time as the process of the patient and continues throughout their stay, receiving personalized attention from our family therapists and other members of the multidisciplinary team. It takes place through educational and experiential weekend workshops where the medical aspects of the illness are explained, along with the roles that all of the family members play in substance addiction and the dysfunctional dynamic that exists within the system. Likewise, throughout this process, the participants learn to communicate their experiences, needs, and feelings in an assertive manner and it is encouraged that they seek to repair any damages caused. The participants understand that there is a solution to alcoholism and drug addiction and start to develop the trust and hope necessary to participate in their own recovery process and to have a positive impact on their family and community.


It is also important to mention that our treatment for the family includes Continuous Care by Casa Mispah for the duration of six months after the patient has been discharged.